Contributory Pension Scheme




G.O. NO.


Pension   – Contributory Pension Scheme – Introduced with effect from 1.4.2003

Dated 6.8.2004


Pension – Introduction of Contributory Pension Scheme to Tamil Nadu State Government employees with effect from 1.4.2003 – Amendment to Tamil Nadu Pension Rules, 1978

G.O. No.259 
Dt : August 6, 2003


PENSION   – Contributory Pension Scheme – Maintenance of accounts – Instructions

G.O No 201 
Dated 21.5.2009


Pension – Contributory Pension Scheme – Government employee under pensionable establishment – Taking up appointment in another pensionable service under the Government – Break – Condonation – Clarifications

Letter No. 34911   
Dt : December 30, 2009



Non applicability of General Provident Fund to Government Servants recruited on or after 01.04.2003

G.O. No. 304 Finance Dept Dt:27.05.2004


Contributory Pension Scheme (CPS) – payment under Contributory Pension Scheme in case ofdeath of an employee – clarification

Letter No.29593A / Finance (Pension) Department / 2009, date:25.8.2009


Contributory Pension Scheme – Mode of recovery of subscription and arrear amount under the Contributory Pension Scheme -Clarifications

Letter No. 35574/PGC/2011-3, dated: 23.04.2012

8 Extension of Old Pension Scheme to the Secondary Grade Teachers appointed during 1996, 1997 and 1998 in the aided schools – Implementation of the order of the Hon’ble High Court in W.P.Nos.26933 & 26934 of 2007 and other similar cases – Orders

G.O.No. 413 Finance (PGC) 
Department  Dated : 4th November, 2010

9 Mobility of personnel amongst Central / State Universities and Autonomous Bodies while working under pensionable establishments after 1.4.2003– Continuance in the Old Pension Scheme – Orders

G.O.No. 424   Finance (PGC) Department  Dated: 29th November, 2011 

10 Contributory Pension Scheme – Maintenance of Accounts – Revised orders  G.O.No.463 Finance (PGC) Dept.  Dated 27th December, 2013
11  Contributory  Pension  Scheme  –Allotment  of    CPS    Numbers  to  existing employees/ newly  joined    employees  –  Further instructions  Letter No.63734/FS/T/PGC/2013  Finance (PGC) Dept. dated:  23.05.14

Frequently  Asked  Questions  (FAQs) on   Tamil Nadu     Contributory  Pension Scheme (CPS)  with relevant answers/ clarifications given by Principal Accountant General (A & E), Tamil Nadu 

 Frequently  Asked  Questions  (FAQs) on CPS 

13   Allotment of CPS Numbers to existing employees  /  newly joined employees – Further instructions Letter No.63734/FS/T/PGC/2013, dated :11.09.2014
14    Allotment of CPS Numbers to existing employees  /  newly joined employees Furtherinstructions                  

Letter No.63734 / FS /T/PGC/2013 Finance (PGC) Dept. dated:         05-12-2014


TO DOWNLOAD CPS ACCOUNT SLIP (up to 31.03.2013) from Govt. Data Centre:




NOTE: All CPS functions viz., index number allotment and maintenance of accounts  from the year 2013-14 had been handed over to Government Data Centre with effect from 01/01/2014 as per G.O.463,finance(PGC) Department, dated 27/12/2013 by the Deputy Accountant General (Funds II), O/o the Principal Accountant General (A&E), Tamil Nadu, Chennai -600018. The CPS Annual Account Statements for 2012-13 had been handed over to CTA for distribution to the DDOs through Treasury Officers. CPS subscribers may contact “The Commissioner, Government Data Centre, Chennai – 25” for any future correspondence regarding CPS, as instructed by the AG(A&E).