G.O. NO.


PENSION – Official Committee on pay revision – Recommendation on revision of pension and pensionary benefits

G.O Ms No 235  
Dt : June 1, 2009


PENSION – Combined Application for General Provident Fund final withdrawal and Pension as suggested by the Accountant General – Orders

G.O No 211
Dt : May 27, 2009


Revision of Pension/Family Pension – Calculation of   Pension/Family Pension – Instruction Issued

Letter No 36841  
Dated 29.6.2009


Revision of Pension – Revised Commutation table – Revised commuted value of pension to those who retired on or after 1.1.2006 – Clarification issued – Revision of option

Letter. No. 71165  
Dt : December 21, 2009


  Pension – Revision of pension with effect from 1—1—2006 – Provisional Pension – clarification – Issued.

Letter No 41473
Dt : July 31, 2009


Revision of pensionary benefits in respect of those retired / died in harness on or after 1-1-2006 and upto 31-5-2009 – Procedure to be followed – Guidelines – Instructions

Letter No 44880
Dt : August 4, 2009


Pension – State Government employees permanently absorbed in State Public Sector Undertakings / Boards, Local Bodies, Universities, Co- perative institutions, Central Public Sector Undertakings, Central Autonomous Bodies, etc. – Commutation of full pension on absorption and restoration of 1/3rd portion of commuted portion – Revision of pension

G.O No 499  
Dt : October 13, 2009



Tamil Nadu Revised Scales of Pay- One Man Commission, 2010 –
revision of Pension/ Family Pension in respect of employees retired from Ordinary Grade / Selection Grade / Special
Grade posts  with reference to
para – 2 (vi) of G.O. Ms. No. 235,  Finance(Pay Cell) Department, dated:1—6—2009 – Instructions .

 Letter No.63305 / Pay Cell /2010—2, dated: 08 –11—2010.

Tamil Nadu Revised Scales of Pay Rules, 2009 – Revision of Scale of Pay based on the recommendation of the One Man Commission – Consequential revision of terminal benefits – Clarification

Letter No: 74421 / PC / 2010–1, dated: 30 – 12 – 2010

10 Dearness Allowance to the pensioners and family pensioners – Revised rate admissible from 1st July, 2012 G.O. No.365Finance(Pension) Department ,Dated: 8th October 2012


Pension – Qualifying service for pension and calculation of pension – Date of effect – Revised Orders – Issued.

G.O. No 127
Dt : April 11, 2007


Pension – Regulation of Dearness Allowance on Family Pension to those State Government Family Pensioners who are already employed

G.O. Ms. No 112  
Dt : March 24, 2008


Pension – Regulation of Dearness Allowance on Family Pension to employed family pensioners

G.O No 49  
Dt : February 11, 2009


Revision of Pension/Family Pension under G.O. Ms. No: 579, Finance [Pension] Department, dt.15.9.2006    

G.O. Ms. No: 579, 
Finance [Pension] Department, dt.15.9.2006  


Special Provident Fund –cum-Gratuity Scheme,2000

G.O. Ms. No.504 FINANCE (Salaries) DEPARTMENT
Dt : November 2, 2000


Special Provident Fund –cum-Gratuity Scheme,1984

G.O. No. 136 Finance (Pension) Department Dated: 29.02.1984


Payment of interest on Special Provident Fund –cum-Gratuity Scheme,1984 beyond 148 th instalment

 G.O.No. 334 Finance (Pension)  Department Dated: 05.09.2001


17a  Tamil Nadu Special Provident Fund cum Gratuity  Scheme,1984 – Government Contribution –  to those who  retire Voluntarily /on Medical Invalidation  G.O.Ms.No.351 Finance (Pension II)  Dept.  Dated:25.04.1994


Special Provident Fund –cum-Gratuity Scheme,2000 -Table of Payment

Govt. Ietter no. 75910/Pen/2000-1 Finance (Pension) Department Dated:02.11.2000

18 a  Special Provident Fund Scheme – Noon Meals and Anganwadi Staff in Non-Standard Time Scale – Government Contribution enhanced to Rs.10,000- wef 01.04.2005  G.O.Rt.No.62 Social Welfare and  Nutritious Meal Programme Dept.  Dated:28.04.2005

   18 b

 Special Provident Fund – Appropriation need not be  insisted  by the Treasury for admittlng SPF Bills of      Teachers  Retired  from Aided Schools

 .G.O.Rt.No.258 School Education Dept.  Dated:27.09.2000


Nomination for Family Security Fund / Group Insurance Scheme

Govt. Ietter no.66491/Pen/94-7 Finance (Pension) Department Dated:27.03.1996

19a  Pensioners ‘ Family Security  Fund Scheme – Nomination – further   instructions  Govt. 1 Finance(PGC) Dept :13.11.1998

Pensioners’ Family Security Fund Scheme – Enhancement of financial assistance from  Rs.25,000/- to Rs.35,000/- in the case of death of pensioners.

G.O. No. 184, Finance(Pension) Department dated: 1-6-2012.


Foreign Service –encashment of EL/UEL on PA on retirement/death while on deputation

G.O.No.266 P&AR(FRII) Department Dated:05.11.1997


Check slip for expeditious disposal of pension

Govt. Ietter no. 93155/Pen/99-3 Finance (Pension) Department Dated:12.05.2000


Procedure for granting Family Pension to handicapped children

G.O.No. 107 Finance (Pension) Department Dated:07.03.2000


Family Pension to physically handicapped children with 100% disability – producing Medical Certificate every three years – procedure dispensed with .

G.O.No.301 Finance (Pension) Department Dated:31.07.2001


Sanction of Family Pension/DCRG to legal heirs of Government Servants on Court Orders not conforming to Pension Rules

Govt. Ietter no. 38669/Pen/93-1 Finance (Pension) Department Dated:25.06.1993


Payment of DCRG to Government Servants permitted to retire from service without prejudice to the disciplinary cases(not involving financial losses) pending against them

G.O.No.467 Finance (Pension) Department Dated:04.07.1988


Counting of half of the services paid from contingencies with regular service

G.O.No.437 Finance (Pension) Department Dated: 23.06.1988



G.O.No.955 Finance (Pension) Department Dated: 23. 12.1991


Counting of half of the non-pensionable service with regular service

 G.O.No.118 Finance (Pension)  Department Dated: 14.02.1996 

29a  Half of service rendered in non pensionable post –counted  as service for pension – conditions – Amendment to  Pension Rules  G.O.Ms.No.679 Finance (Pension)  Dept.  Dated:26.11.1998


Counting of half of non-provincialised services, services with consolidated pay, honorarium, daily wages along with regular service

G.O.No.408 Finance (Pension) Department Dated: 25.08.2009 

 30a  Provisional Pension  – Dearness Allowance with Provisional  Pension  G.O.Ms.No.575 Finance (Pension) Dept. Dated:07.07.1994
30b  Provisional Pension – Medical Allowance with Provisional  Pension  G.O.Ms.No.326  Finance (Pension) Dept. Dated: 28.04.1995


Provisional Family Pension to family of Government Servant who die in harness

G.O.No.85 Finance (Pension) Department Dated: 05.03.2002


Grant of Family Pension to the eligible family members of employees whose whereabouts are not known

G.O.No.478 Finance (Pension) Department Dated: 04.06.1987



Govt. Ietter no. 21396A/Pension/91-2 Finance (Pension) Department Dated: 09.04.1991


Grant of Family Pension to the eligible family members of the post-retiral spouse

G.O.No.569 Finance (Pension) Department Dated: 02.08.1991


Grant of Family Pension to the eligible family members of the post-retiral spouse- procedure for endorsement in the pension payment order

G.O.No.598 Finance (Pension) Department Dated:27.08.1993


Delayed payment of DCRG-interest payable at GPF rate of interest

G.O.No.173 Finance (Pension) Department Dated: 01.04.2004

36a  Pensionary  Benefiis  – Interest on  belated  payment of    terminal  benefits – Sanctioned  G.O.(D) No.1225 Health and Family  Welfare (Z2)Dept.dated:11.11.2013


The audit objections pending against a deceased government servant treated as settled and dropped on the date of his death

G.O.No.900 Finance (Pension) Department Dated: 04.12.1995


Filling of vacancies by the Retired Government Servants temporarily under contract appointment

G.O.15  P&AR(S) Department dated:  03.02.2010

39 ~~ do ~~ G.O.170  P&AR(S) Department dated:18.12.2009.

Qualifying  service  for pension –service before resignation–  in Government/ Aided Educational Institutions.

AG’s letter communicated in G.O. 1364 dated: 14.12.1987

40a  Pension to Teaching staff of Non-Govt.Educational  Institutions(Schools/Colleges) from 05-06-1981  G.O.Ms.No.37 Dept. of Education,  Science and Technology Dt.:05.01.1983
40b  Services rendered in Matriculation School (unaided)- taken  into account for pay fixation and pension  G.O.Ms.No.143 Education (V2) Dept.  dated:30.01.1987
40c  Services rendered in Matriculation School (unaided)- taken  into account for reckoning 5 years service for appointment  as Middle School Headmaster  G.O.Ms.No.285 Education Dept.  dated:12.03.1991
41  Festival Advance to pensioners- Enhancement of the quantum of advance- Rs.2000- orders issued.  G.O.No.75, , Finance (Pension) Dept. Dated: 14th March,2013 
41a  Exgratia  payment  to  families  of  deceased  Contributory Provident  Fund/ non – pensionable establishment beneficiaries – Revision  G.O.Ms.No.41  Finance (Pension) Dept.  Dated: 14.02.2014
41b  Pension –  Dearness  Allowance  to  the Ex-gratia beneficiaries Enhanced  G.O.Ms.No.42  Finance (Pension) Dept. Dated: 14.02.2014
42  Pension- Sanction of further instalments of Dearness  Allowance to the Ex-gratia beneficiaries   G.O.No.232 Finance (Pension) Dept.  Dated: 10th July, 2013

 Treatment of Dearness Allowance as Dearness Pay for  the purpose of pension revision – to those   retired between 1.6.88 and 31.12.1995 

 G.O.No.363 Finance (PGC) Dept.    Dated:23rd August, 2013             

Pension- Treatment of Dearness  Allowanceas Dearness Pay -Orders issued in G.O.Ms.No.363,Finance (PGC) Department, dated 23.8.2013 – Further Clarification 

LetterNo.51882/PGC/2013 Fin (PGC) Dept. dated: 30.09.2013  


 ~~~do~~~  Option Form, Application Form and  Scale of  Pay relating to IV and V Pay Commissions  Letter No.55473/PGC/2013, Fin(PGC)  Dept. dated:  03.10.2013

 Dearness Allowance to the Pensioners and Family  Pensioners – Revised  rate admissible from 1st July, 2013 

G.O. No.403, Finance (Pension) Dept. Dated: 10th October 2013 



 Dearness Allowance to the Pensioners and Family Pensioners- Revised rate admissible from  1st January  2014  G.O.No.100 Finance (Pension) Dept.  Dated: 09.04.2014
45b Dearness Allowance to the Pensioners and Family Pensioners- Revised rate admissible from  1st July  2014  G.O.No.246 Fin(Allowances) Dept.  Dated 10th October 2014      NEW
46 Revised Pension- Fifth Tamil Nadu Pay Commission- Modifications G.O.Ms.No.713 Finance (Pay Commission) Dept. Dated: 28-6-1990.
47 Pension- Treatment of DA as Dearness Pay for the purpose of pension revision G.O.Ms.No.272 Finance (Pension) Dept. Dated: 15-6-98.
48 Pension- Treatment of DA as Dearness Pay for the purpose of pension revision G.O.Ms.No.273 Finance (Pension) Dept. Dated: 15-6-98.
49 PENSION – Education Dept.-Counting of Services in  Non-Teaching Posts in Aided and Local body Educational        Institutions with Govt. Service- Conditions G.O.Ms.No.1400 Education, Science and Technology Dept. Dated:21.7.83
49a  Temporary Central Govt. Service in certain categories counted for pension in State Government  G.O.Ms.No.38 Finance (Pension) Dept.  Dated:13.01.1995
50 PENSION –  Payment of DCRG to minors – Procedure  Simplified G.O. No.437, Finance (Pension) Dept. Dated: 14.08.1997
51 No Commutation of Provisional Pension G.O.Ms.No.784 Finance (Pension) Dept. Dated: 16.09.1994
52  Issue of Duplicate Pension Payment Order –Revised procedure  G.O.Ms.No.30 Finance (Pension) Department  Dated:01.02.2010
53 Pension- The  Tamil Nadu Village Assistants  Pension Rules,1995 G.O.3D (No.9)Revenue [Ser.7(1)]Dept. Dated: 28.02.2006
54 The  Tamil Nadu Village Assistants    Pension Rules,1995 –Clarification –Tamil Nadu Pension Rules relating to Commutation of Pension, Family Pension etc. applicable to Village Assistants Govt. /Ser.7(1)/01-22 Revenue Dept. Dated:28.02.2006
55 Admissibility of DP, DA, MA etc. to Village Assistants     AG(A&E) Lr. No.Pen30/I/1-56(a)/Urg 278/2006-07/190 Dated:22.01.2007
56 Enhancement of Special Pension, Family Pension to Village Officers and  Special  Family Pension to Village Assistants  G.O.Rt.40 Revenue [Ser.8(2)]Dept. Dated: 24.01.2008
57 Pension – 84 Ex-Village Administrative Officers and those who retired prior to 29.10.1998 –Minimum Pension -sanctioned G.O.Ms.678 Revenue [Ser.8(2)]Dept. Dated: 16.11.2007

 Enhancement of Special Pension, Family Pension to  Village Officers and  Special Pension, Family Pension  to Village Assistants with effect from 01.01.2006

 G.O.Rt.168 Revenue [Ser.8(1)] Dept.  Dated: 07.04.2010

59  Frequently  Asked  Questions (FAQs) on Pension with  relevant  answers/ clarifications given by Principal  Accountant  General (A & E), Tamil Nadu    Frequently  Asked  Questions  (FAQs)   on Pension 
60  Pension and Other Retirement Benefits    TN Govt. Policy Note, 2012- 2013



 Pongal Festival, 2014 – Grant of Pongal Prize to Pensioners / Family Pensioners and Ex-Village Officers  G.O.No.5 Finance (Pension) Department  Dated:06.01.2014



Pongal Festival, 2015 – Grant of Pongal Prize to Pensioners / Family Pensioners and Ex-Village Officers G.O.No.10  FINANCE (PENSION) DEPARTMENT Dated 08.01.2015



NOTIONAL INCREMENT– to Govt. Servants Retiring on Superannuation on the preceding date of increment due date G.O.No.311  FINANCE (CMPC) Dept. Dt: 31.12.2014